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Group Travel - Family


It’s Family Reunion time again!! Let’s get them out of the city and into an excitingly new cultural experience. How about a trip to the "Lost City of the Incas" aka Machu Picchu, Peru and take in the breathtaking views and beautiful people. Why not celebrate your parent’s 35th anniversary in Las Vegas with all your siblings and their families enjoying the shows and cuisine while taking in some casinos.  A cruise to Alaska with your family group would bring you some wonderful memories and stories to remember for a lifetime.

There are more reasons than a family reunion to get families to travel together, whether it's a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or just time to getaway. The professional staff at Atlántida World Travel Agency, an associate office of one of the largest travel companies (Travel Leaders), is dedicated to maintaining the company’s high standards, one detail at a time, to provide you with memories that last a lifetime. We make travel easy so you can focus on your interests.

Group’s Receive:

1. Great Rates –customized for your group
2. Low Deposits – Depending on the travel package deposits could start as low as $50 per person
3. Customized Itineraries – Every group has a different agenda and interest
4. Personal Tour Guide – Optional depending on the itinerary and agenda of the group
5. Concierge Service- Assisting you with all your needs during your group travel

If you would like to talk with someone regarding group travel please call AJ Bowen at 713-338-8403 or CLICK HERE and submit your group information to have someone help you with your group travel!!.

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